Film versus Book – which version works for you?

Do you always prefer the film version of a story or always the original book, or are you flexible? My daughter got up and left the room last night after about 2 minutes of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo because it was partly dubbed and she “never likes films where the lips don’t match the English words”. She also won’t watch a film when she has read and liked the book. She also won’t eat anything that has passed near to a fish, but we’ll talk about that another day.

I disagree – to me sometimes the film is better, sometimes the book is better, sometimes they each have a uniqueness that makes them both good. TGWTDT is a case in point. I absolutely loved the book and the film was much anticipated. It was not as deep as the book, not as complex and at times a little messy but I really enjoyed the film as well. Lord of the Rings was a draw for me as well, both great (Daughter “They missed Orc number 7684 who appeared on page 465 etc etc”). Terry Pratchett – always better in print, Dickens – always in print, John Irving – my favourite author (sorry Mr Dickens) brilliant in print but built for wonderful films – think Garp or Hotel New Hampshire. How about Dan Brown? – film would have won had someone other than Tom Hanks been cast in the lead role?

And anyway, how do you get an 18 year old to have an open mind?

Tell me your examples, your favourites, what works for you or not – use the comments button below.


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