What to do when you are not in charge?


Hmmm, a question…..

I spend most of my working life in control of what I do, as I run my own business – my game, my rules.  My wife Ruth has a great dog community business and online shop called Johnny Muttley. She has started appearing in person at country fairs, dog shows and events and I tag along out of solidarity and support (and to put up the gazebo). I am in effect her sequined assistant. It is however, her game and her rules and she likes things done in her way and at her speed.

How do I use up my excess energy during these days and how do I avoid moping around like a sulky teenager as I await my orders?

Thunking required and polite advice welcome…..


3 thoughts on “What to do when you are not in charge?

  1. You have to contribute by contributing, not by just assisting. If you just do assisting then you get what you’ve been getting – orders. Sometimes assisting is what is needed and that is fine. Other times you would be better out of the way promoting Johnny Muttley with a scheme of your own somewhere to be received by the grateful owner as a good contribution to the whole.
    Care though, this will only work if you manage to fit in by returning to base camp often enough to be of assistance when required.
    If all this finely balanced and crafted management skills manipulative stuff is done properly, you will appear both useful and innovative, supportive and contributory while not feeling yourself like a doormat roadie.

  2. Accept the supremecy of the female of the species and be grateful that you are allowed to offer your services to help… 🙂

    Seriously? Try enjoying and learning from doing things someone else’s way for a change. I too am a control freak and hate being out of control, but I’ve learned that sometimes just going with the flow and using the opportunity to just observing how someone else organises and runs their business can be a really useful opportunity to learn not only from them but about them. Just go with the flow…

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